the importance of referral sites

why referral sites are so important…

How many times have you seen this?  A referral site where someone takes a video, a pattern, a story, a craft idea etc that someone else has created and they feature it on their website and share it away like crazy?!  How many times have you had to click a link within that website to see the original content that caught your eye and made you visit that first site?  Well, this is a referral! 

Lets discuss the power of referrals:  pretend for a moment that we are discussing you selling something, perhaps it’s a product you promote and get paid a commission on.  If I purchase a product from you, you will get paid a commission and that’s great right?  Now, what if I went home and loved the product so much that I decided to tell my friends and family about it and a few of them come to you and purchase it?  That’s much more commission for you that you would not have otherwise had!  That is the power of referrals…. the same principal is applied to referral sites (like this one that you are visiting right now).

Referral sites are meant to credit designers and bring attention to their incredible work as well as benefiting the site owner who refers them.  For example, when I post a pattern and advertise that the video tutorial is coming soon I am hopefully gaining subscribers and followers while also successfully driving traffic to my website in the process.  It’s a win/win for both the referral site and the original designer.

Basically, at the end of it all what you will find is a love and appreciation for a great product, and interesting video, a unique and share worthy craft, a stunning design and pattern… it’s all attention and credit to people working hard at their passion; it’s all love! 

I will be featuring a forum style page on this site in the coming months that will allow people to directly post their work and patterns to self promote as I feel the desire to share as much work as possible but of course there are so many pieces I have just not yet come across and would LOVE to provide a platform for designers to share their work if they so wish.

Please be sure to go ahead and visit the various pages to see work featured here (some are my original patterns) as well as many others from very talented designers.  If you prefer to follow a video tutorial, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to my youtube channel where you will find all video tutorials I have completed as well as receive an email notification whenever a new tutorial is uploaded.

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