amigurumi crochet patterns

Have a look at the gallery below to select a photo of the pattern you would like to see.  Be sure to check back frequently so that you can keep updated on new free patterns being added.

  Please note that some of these patterns on this website are original designs by DIY From Home while others are beautiful designs that I have found online and chose to feature on here.  In this particular category I have not yet created an original design but truly do admire the gorgeous designs that I have found and wanted to create a page to dedicate specifically to amigurumi designs.  My kids LOVE these and I am looking forward to creating my own design one day soon and will of course share here!!

  All referred patterns have the name of the designer and a link to their website.  It’s all about showing love to other fellow designers and showing support for their hard work and appreciation for the generosity of providing free patterns.  If you have a design that you would like to see featured on this website you are more than welcome to submit it on Facebook message:  CLICK HERE to go to my facebook page and have your pattern submitted to be featured on the site.